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Masaru Emoto, which revealed that our words and thoughts impact every cell in our bodies. Words are very powerful, with the ability to effect our entire being in either a negative or positive fashion. With a few decades of experience under my belt, I truly believe that our outer world is just a reflection of our inner world. Ledford advocates the use of Visualization — a practice which he believes helps to rewire the subconscious mind. While he presents an overview of the many different techniques for using mental imagery, Ledford suggests:.

Topics for “realize your (full) potential”

Believing in your intentions, and taking the appropriate action towards attaining these goals will ensure that a world of opportunities open up—you will begin to meet the right people, and will find yourself being in the right place at the right time. Ledford believes meditation is also a powerful strategy for success, allowing you to easily and effortlessly go after that which you seek.

Most people make the mistake of confusing busy work for being productive. While checking your emails, and listening to voicemails are important, they are not activities that directly impact your goals.

Common Coaching topics

In order to be successful, it is extremely important that you learn to prioritize. This is the thing that will move you towards your goal, and is usually handled best in the morning when your energy levels are high. Doing so will provide you with a sense of accomplishment, which will then set the tone for the rest of the day.

He also suggests setting a timer to limit the time spent on a task, in order to further increase your productivity. We tend to be more motivated when a task has a defined end point, and more focused when we know our time for completing something is limited. The visualization and subconscious programming techniques laid out in Visions to the Top are simple, and accessible to anyone prepared to put in the work. To have a chance of reaching their literary potential, our diligent writer needs to be able to forget about end results and focus down on the actual writing.

If they spend all their time thinking about getting published and read or 'fulfilling their potential as a writer', then where is the focus and space in their mind for actually writing?

Get used to forgetting about 'fulfilling your potential' when you are actually engaged in doing what you do. Fulfilment of potential is a by-product of the right kind of effort and focus. At the start of this piece, when talking about former mule driver Milton Humason, I said that he was the right person in the right place at the right time. It's a strange thought that the person with the greatest potential for computer programming may have lived thousands of years ago. We don't know.

The woman with the greatest innate potential for brain surgery and research may be about to be born into an as-yet-undiscovered tribe living in the Amazon rainforest. Time and place may work against people. But it's not just down to chance. During the Renaissance, some people who showed potential in painting, sculpture, and architecture went to live in Florence, Italy - 'where it was at' at that time.

What Does 'Achieving Your Potential' Really Mean?

With the Internet, we can find the right people and place whether that's geographical or virtual to help harness and develop our interests and skills. If you're the right person, then make a point of finding the right time and place to fulfil your potential. And if you are ahead of your time, then it's down to you to instigate new trends in thought or action. Someone had to start the Renaissance.

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We all have basic needs for water, food, and shelter. If these needs are not met, then all your focus will be on fulfilling these 'primal needs' at the expense of your potential in other areas. You also have emotional needs that may be less easy for you to identify. For example, you and everyone alive have needs for human interaction, feelings of security, a sense of connection to community, a need to feel intimate with at least one other person, needs to feel interested and stimulated by life, and many others.

If you are chronically frightened and don't feel safe, or are constantly trying to get enough attention because your social life is off-balance, then energy you could be using for fulfilling your potential will have to be diverted consciously or unconsciously toward meeting these basic emotional needs. Your energy and time are finite. People may waste a whole lifetime in the search to satisfy one or more primal emotional need at the expense of potential progress in other areas.

Get what you need in terms of emotional fulfilment in order to free up space to focus elsewhere. Your whole life shouldn't merely be a search for emotional security or excitement or intimacy. These needs should be met so that you don't have to think about them all the time. And of course, realizing some of your potential will meet some emotional needs, as well.

People talk about 'reaching their potential', but how many people tell you they have actually reached their potential? I've reached my full potential. That's it, I'm done now! Remember, all apparent fulfilment of potential is a step - not an ultimate destination.

1. You’ve become complacent.

Too much self-satisfaction and the feeling that we know all there is to be known or can do all there is to be done may effectively leak away further progress. We are always learning, always developing, and always if we are wise working to realize our potential.

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