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Mantra: Om Ram Ritam

When you attune yourself to your higher self, the universe and spirit through meditation and energy clearing techniques your energy field becomes stronger. The higher your vibration the faster your results! The universe protects us from bringing harm onto ourselves that's why low vibrations manifest slower. When you become a match for what you want it can not NOT come to you. It is law. This is a must to manifest your intentions into physical form. This meditation takes you through the process so you don't have to figure it out by yourself. Resistance can show up in many forms as we've seen above.

As long as the sabotaging programs are running you won't manifest your dreams because ultimately you are resisting them. With the magical support of Archangel Ariel you will uncover your blocks and surrender them to a higher power so you can manifest freely. Our subconscious mind stores all the conditioning and programs that we've soaked up until we're 7 year sold. Our brain works in theta mode during this time for rapid learning. In order to manifest your desires into form you need to consistently access their vibration.

You best do this through visualization and emotion. Perhaps you struggle to concentrate and focus and visualize? Perhaps you try different techniques and manifestation practices but nothing really sticks and you don't see results? Or maybe you do have some results but lack consistency? And this is why we created our manifestation meditation sessions. Manifesting with Meditation!?

The Window Within

Guided Meditation Makes this Even Easier Our sessions take you through this process one step at a time. Firstly you will be led to relax and loosen your body, to become aware of yourself, of your body and your breathing. This initial calming helps for the next step and sets a solid foundation both for the rest of the session and manifestation generally - when your body is relaxed then your energy flows more effortlessly.

Next you slow down your mind, you mentally relax and slow your internal chatter. We guide you to do this, and because you are focused on the voice of the narrator it is easier - you are taken through the process and there is no getting distracted as is often the case when you walk this path alone.

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Your thoughts are clear, you can hold a visual image in your mind and manipulate it, you can add intention and desire. There are 15 steps going down, and what you're going to do is take those steps down into the source energy. This source energy, you're able to connect to your heart. This is you moving from your head into your heart. Go ahead and take a step down the stairway and notice that as you take a step, you feel the love in your body.

Begin to increase. You feel that magnetic energy of every step that you take as you get closer and closer to the source energy, which is who you really are. Take another step and notice how as you take the step and you can feel the lightness in your body, you can feel the buzz inside of your heart center begin to increase.

Take another step. There's 10 steps left for us to get to the bottom of the stairs.

Manifest Magic - Abundant Boss | Jenna Black

I'm going to count down from 10 to one with every number I count. You're going to take another step. You're going to feel the energy increase inside of your body. You're going to feel double the amount of love inside your heart. With every step that you take, you're going to feel more connected to your heart than ever before.

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  • What you Will Receive.

Take a step now 10, feeling the energy inside of your body begin to increase. Nine, taking another step, feeling this love inside of your heart's feeling , this excitement began to increase inside of your body. Take another step, seven, six, feeling double the amount of love inside of your body, five for getting towards the bottom of the staircase. Now, three. You only have a couple of steps left to feeling the increase of energy inside of your hearts, one and zero. You are within this source energy and you can feel this love flow through your body like never before. Soak in this energy.

If any emotions come up, that is okay. Allow yourself to release anything you desire. As you are in this room, you are being engulfed in your heart center. You are totally immersed in your heart. This is who you really, so set the intention that you connect to this part of yourself any time you want by simply remembering this meditation, set the intention that you connect to your higher-self right now in this moment that is also you set the intention that you connect to your higher self and that you connect to your higher-self connection of intention.

Right now, ask yourself this question.

MANIFESTING Goals & Dreams With SOUL ENERGY - Creating Happiness & Fulfillment ☯ Success & Abundance

What are the intentions of my higher self? And pay attention to what comes up now. Ask yourself, ask your heart what is another intention that you have that emanates from your soul, from who you really are? Pay attention to what comes up now.

Once again, ask for another intention of your higher self and see what comes up. Make the choice that from this point going forward, decide an intended that this is going to be something that is easy for you to live from. You will be able to live from these intentions in a very easy way. Ask your heart and your higher self. If there's any message. Say you can come to know any messages from your higher self or your heart and pay attention to what comes up now.

Think in your mind of the intentions you have that emanate from your heart and think in your mind. I intend dot, dot, dot. What do you intend for state and declare those intentions. What I'm going to do is I'm going to count down from five to one at every number I count. You're going to feel an increase in these intentions flow through you.

You're going to simply know that it is done. Whatever your intentions are, you going to feel this certainty flow through your body. Five, feel this certainty. Begin to bubble up for double the amount of knowing that these intentions will come to fruition. Three, fueled increased through your body. Two new one. Simply know that these intentions are emanating from your core. From this point going forward, I set the intention once again that you remember this. Anytime you want, in time, you do. You feel this energy inside of your heart right now and you connect to your higher self, into your heart in such a powerful way that influences every aspect of your life.

Carrying this source energy within your heart, go ahead and walk back to that staircase now, and what we're going to do is we're going to begin to take steps back up.

Manifestation Mastery Meditation Journey

Those stairs are going to take these steps back to our waking awareness, carrying with us the power of this intention that will powerfully change our life. I'm going to count down from 10 to one with every number I count you feel double the amount of double the connection to your heart and double the amount of awareness into the awake state. Nine, eight, double the amount of love in your body. Double the amount of alertness. Seven, six, getting closer towards the top. Now, five for only a few more steps.

Three, getting closer to the door now to one, go ahead and open up your eyes. Knowing that you have just set powerful intentions that emanate from your core, these will powerfully have influenced your whole life and you will begin to see things transform in your life.